Tuesday, 3 May 2011

great vocal lesson

Had a great vocal lesson last Sunday. Was practising two hours before lesson time, so my voice was well warmed-up by the time I reached my teacher's house.

Started with the lip trill as usual, though my teacher was impressed with my head-tone this time, and I managed to reach a high E, or E5 I think, which surprised her, even after I told her I had warmed up ahead of time. I was so happy at that point, lol...

oh on a side note, I tried hitting the highest note I could the day after that lesson, and realised I could hit a high G, or G5 this time. So...

Official top note: E5
Unofficial top note: G5

this was a major improvement, seeing as how my official highest note just a week or two ago was D5, and the unofficial one being F#5! Whoohoo!

Anyways, back to lesson. Apparently I have a weak chest voice, and a surprisingly good mix and head voice (since she has classified me as a Baritone, and I've only ever heard of Sopranos, especially classically trained ones, having strong head voice with a weaker chest voice), so she had me do some chest voice exercises, which she has never done before...and that was cool. I haven't used that much of my "musical" chest voice in a long long while, so it actually felt liberating to be "singing" the low notes with whatever power I had.

Oh, I'm supposed to work on Josh Groban's Hidden Away for the next lesson, and she wants me to try imitating his vibrato, since that will be what we'll be working on in our next lesson. When she said that, in my mind, I was like,

"Yay! Vibrato!"

Finally, something that will help me add some colour into my singing. More than that though, I was more thrilled about the fact that we would be starting on vibrato, something that I'm assuming, she wouldn't bring up unless I've reached a certain level of mastery of basic vocal techniques. It's sorta like passing a milestone, or graduating from a class. It's so exciting!

Needless to say, I was in a pretty good mood by the time I got home.;)

Oh yeah, arrived at the teacher's house when she was still with a student, an adorable little girl at her first lesson. From what I overheard from that lesson, apparently my teacher expects new students to only be able to do the lip trills after the first three or four lessons.

No wonder she was surprised when I managed to do it during our first lesson, though horribly...lol.

Watching the little girl made me wonder how things would have turned out if I started lessons that young.

Gosh, how different would my life be right now, I wonder...

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