Sunday, 12 February 2012

I've had my fun, it's time to focus.

For the past few months, I've been engaged in piano, guitar, vocal and drum lessons, and it has come to a point where I'm so emotionally torn between instruments to practise that I'm spent before practice even began, making it hard to make any progress. Hence, I've decided to cut drums, just 'cause it was the hardest to practise due to the nature of the instrument, and also, 'cause I just took lessons for experience and hopefully, gain a different perspective of music by learning how it feels like to know the things a beginner drummer knows, and knowing how it feels like drum. My drum teacher couldn't see the logic in that though, and was utterly flabbergasted by my sudden decision to quit. He seemed upset about it though, above giving some hard truths about the music industry. Guess I would be too, if I were a teacher who has put in his heart to teach a student only to have him quit months later. Ah well...had to be done.

I'm thinking about putting guitar on hold too actually, just so I could progress much more with vocal and piano, with is the most important skills to me. We'll see what happens...:)